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Nice Mobile Washing is here to keep your home and business clean in the Greater Boston area. We proudly serve Braintree and the surrounding towns with our gentle yet effective power-washing services. From roofs to patios, concrete, and sidewalks, our team is here to ensure your property is dirt and grime-free! Contact our team to learn more about our power washing services, or request a free quote today!

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Nice Mobile Washing is a mobile power washing company that provides every customer with a value added service and an unmatched customer relationship. Our mission is to create the best possible living environment for our customers and to do so in a way that creates community and respects the world in which we live.

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While some companies have decided to do many things, NMW specializes in what matters most: pressure washing things that are dirty.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Power Washing

  • How long does it take to pressure wash a house?

    It greatly depends on the condition of the house, the house size and surrounding terrain. It can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours to pressure wash a home.

  • How often should I pressure wash my driveway?

    Ideally, driveways should be pressure washed at least once a year. Just like you have to dust and clean the inside of your home regularly, your driveway is no different!

  • What is the best time of year to power wash a house?

    Houses should be power washed at least once a year any time between March and November. You will want to make sure this is taken care of before the freezing temperatures set in.

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